Part-time Morning - Dance Fitness Program Coordinator

  • Bollywood Groove
  • Wicker Park, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Aug 24, 2018
Part time Customer Service Executive General Business Management

Job Description

Cardio Coordinator runs the day to day operations of the BollyGroove Cardio program. This includes:

  • Content management - Not responsible for creating new content but ensuring new content is create by and provided to instructor according to schedule. Review instructor playlist and ensure guidelines are being met.
  • Instructor management - Schedule and conduct 4 in-person meetings in a year. Schedule and conduct four 1-1 meetings in a year. Observe classes and provide feedback - from a sales, structure and customer service point of view.
  • Studio management - Maintain positive relationship with dance studios and other facilities we rent space from. Meet with each studio owner at least twice a year.
  • Program financials - maintain and update financials of the program with the help of administrative assistant. Monitor key metrics such as revenue, class sizes and take appropriate steps to improve financials when needed.
  • Marketing & Sales - responsible for overall marketing and sales of the program. Create and share social media content (with the help of a graphic designer).
  • Customer service - review and respond to any less than stellar customer review. Address any customer issues etc.


1. Must be available for at least 1 year.

2. Candidate must be a strong team player. We pride on a team that works together and supports each other.

3. Candidate must have strong professional conduct. On time, great service to customers etc.

4. Strong social media skills.

5. Basic familiarity with wordpress/html or able to quickly learn.

5. Familiarity with excel, handling financials etc. Either already familiar or ability to quickly learn payment processing software such as Mindbody online.

6. Great managment skills - keep instructors positively motivated throughout the year!

7. Extremely organized with great attention to details.