The Kindness Connection

The Kindness Connection is a local non-profit that works with schools to create meaningful experiences for youth volunteers to participate in service programming from the comfort of their classroom/school.  Students participate in a curriculum based program completing service projects that are donated as gifts to charities that support Seniors, Youth, Veterans, and Animals. 

The Kindness Connection North shore
Apr 11, 2018
The Kindness Connection, a local non-profit that teaches kids the importance of volunteering at a young age through meaningful service projects, is hiring a freelance marketing professional . We are looking for the right person to help us take our marketing to the next level. We need someone skilled in creat ing editable marketing materials, messaging/copy writing (as needed) and providing advice on strategic marketing for our organization ’ s programs. Our marketable programs include:  -TKC Schools Program – Classroom Kindness Kits             Target: Schools, camps, scouts, after school and more             Needs: Marketing flyer, Facebook ad and targeted materials -TKC Corporate Program – Sponsorships and volunteer programming             Target: Corporations, mid-size business, local business             Needs: Marketing flyer, Facebook ad and targeted materials -TKC Coloring Books – Coloring books to be sold at local business es             Target: Local retailers, online, families             Needs: Marketing flyer, retailer flyer, Facebook ad -TKC General – Generic materials for various programming             Target: Families, schools, etc             Needs: General editable template for a flyer, general editable template for a             Facebook ad, general editable flyer for an informational sheet The Kindness Connection is offering a mutually agreed upon project fee for initial creation of editable marketing materials and ongoing service fees as needed based on project and scope.   Please send your resume and information on rates to Shannon Valko at